Matinee Fridays

Friday Matinee Shows

Matinee shows refer to any performance in the afternoon. They are highly popular because of the convenience they offer. Although there are instances when a matinee begins after four, they usually start in the early afternoon. However, timings vary from show to show, so be sure to check!

While you can find various popular matinee performances almost every day of the week, Friday matinee shows are always in high demand. Everybody is ready to enjoy the weekend to the fullest. Following the daily hustle and bustle, you need to lay off the stress and have some fun. A matinee is a perfect way to make that happen. If you can wrap up your work by noon, head to your nearest West End theatre to catch an early show before the evening rush. Enjoy high-quality entertainment and improve your day with spectacular live entertainment.

Another reason Friday matinee attract people is that afternoon shows are generally less busy than in the evenings. As soon as the sun goes down, there is a massive surge of crowds ready to live the night. If you are searching for fun activities on a Friday, check out what is playing. There are occasional matinee shows on Fridays, so you must keep track of the shows you plan to watch. Even if you fail to find a matinee performance, look for other shows playing around you; you're sure to find one to watch.

Matinee shows are perfect if you are a visitor to London or accompanied by younger family members. Watching a theatre show in the day makes it convenient for you to catch a ride back home or spend the rest of the evening seeing the many things the city has to offer. The best activity combo is to try out some of London's best restaurants. Treat your family to dinner or party hard with your friends at one of the neighbouring nightclubs. No matter your plan, a Friday matinee is a fantastic way to start your weekend. Book your matinee tickets now!